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This is my personal family, therefore a story of my life, and it may be a bit gossipy for some. If it wasn't for my great grandparents, grandparents and my parents where would I be today ?
*WSB - 1997*

Today, SEP 3, 2005, I am 86. My father has one step-sister still living, Myrtle TURNER; my mother has two sisters and a brother living, Mary OHLEGSCHLAGER, Bertha SPLETZER and Harold SHEARER.

Most of the family photo's I am using come from my mothers album, and my aunt's. After Aunt Edna died, her son, Clifford HENDERSON (my 1st cousin), sent me a box of old photo's, for which I am very grateful. So many times these old treasures are unlabeled and therefore burned ... an unlabeled photo is as useless as an unindexed genealogy history.

A photo, tho very often interesting in itself, becomes much more so when put together with some history or good ole' gossip.

My paternal grandmother's name was Hatwig DOMAN MATHWIG, DOMAN being her surname. Her last name has been spelled in several different manners. DHOMAN for instance or DHOLMAN, I have even been told HADOMAN. In this latter rendition, I believe her first name, Hattie, got caught up . The sound of a person's name is so often used it can be confusing, so try them all, go by other clues, dates, location, family members, etc.

Related works I have compiled are a RINEHART book, a WITHERS book, an EDWARDS book, a DILDINE book, a MATLOCK book and a KEITH - BAILEY book. These are books relating to the BAILEY's on the RINEHART - OHLEGSCHLAGER family tree .... Walter's branch only, but there are a number of us.


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